FAQ about Curlyqueen

How do I use and take care of my CurlyQueen styling iron?
Our CurlyQueen curling iron includes an instruction booklet in its’ packaging. This book provides basic information needed to operate and maintain your hair curler.  Please be sure to read the instructional booklet as it has tips and tricks on how to maintain, clean and safety instructions.

Does the CurlyQueen hair curler tangle your hair?
The technology that is built into the curling iron has a safety mechanism that IF the hair is to get tangled or there is too much hair in the wand of the curling iron, a beep will sound and the turning action will not happen until enough hair has been removed, once the hair is removed it will begin to turn again.

I have extremely long hair, it down to my lower back, will the CurlyQueen work for me?
It will work for your hair however please note that it won’t curl the entire shaft of hair but rather the middle to end parts of your hair.
I like my hair to be full of curls and from the scalp to the ends, how close to the scalp can I curl my hair?
The curling action is done inside the curling iron, You can get as close to the scalp as the hair curler will allow. This is a safety feature to prevent you burning your scalp like other curling irons that have an exposed wand. CurlyQueen heated iron wand sits inside the device. 
My hair is highlighted, can this work for me?
Absolutely, the only thing different about your highlights is the bleach used to create that beautiful glow. 
Can you use this on shoulder length hair?
The model used in our video which you can see here, has shoulder length hair and she demonstrates how to use the curling iron on shoulder length hair..