About Us

I was tired of going for blowouts at the salon that was costing me a fortune to get beautiful curling hair that lasts only a few hours. I was tired of buying hair curler after hair curler, burning my hands and fingers. I was tired of it all, I thought of the solution to all of those problems, and the CurlyQueen hair curler was born. Friends and Family loved it so I am sharing it with the world.

The best part of the CurlyQueen Hair Curler is that it does not cost an arm and leg, its affordable for everyone.

If you are like most people you don't want to visit a hair salon every month or evening you have a date and pay for the treatment only for it to last until you get to your car.

With the CurlyQueen Hair Curler, you don't have to go to a salon or fork out thousands of rands to get those perfect curls.

All you need to do is purchase our curler and you can curl your hair on your way to work, in the Uber for a night out and if a curl goes out of place, its small enough to fit in your bag and you can fix that pesky curl no matter where you are.

Beautifull hair curls

CurlyQueen Philosophy

CurlyQueen is a leading brand in hair curling devices. The CurlyQueen Hair Curler was developed to make your life more comfortable and easier.  We strive to bring you new hair curling techniques at the fraction of price it will cost you to visit a professional hairstylist.

Our goal has always been to develop a device our clients could use on the run and has the same effect as visiting a  hair salon all day every day.

Amazing Results

The CurlyQueen Hair Curler combines 40 years of proven science with amazing results. This hair curler is becoming one of the most famous chosen curling irons by celebrities, hair experts and stylists from all over the world, saying that this may just be the most effective curling iron to be developed.

The most unique element of the CurlyQueen curling iron is that this hair curler is completely cordless. We know that life runs away and time is critical these days, so being able to take your hair curler with you is a must. The hair curler has a USB charging port, so it is as simple as charging your phone. plug it in and leave it. Once it is fully charged you can have 60 minutes of curling time. It is also unique in its size, we developed it with our team of mechanical engineers to be small enough to fit into your laptop bag, and because it is cordless there is no need to worry about finding a plug point to do your hair. Press the on the switch and you are good to go.

We at CurlyQueen are so confident in our hair curler that we give you a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee no questions asked.

Everybody is using the Curly Queen Hair Curler.

CurlyQueen sourced the most sought after developers, mechanical engineers, and hair experts to develop a system that will not only work as advertised but also keep on working according to the product's life cycle. Tried and tested over a period of a year our team made sure that this hair curler was safe to use for all hair types.

Unboxing your hair curler is such an exciting time but in order to preserve the battery life and keep your hair curler going for years, you need to place your hair curler on charge, using the USB port, for at least 5 hours. This gives the hair curler a sufficient charge to last. From there it will take 2 hours to charge and give you 60 - 80 minuted of curling time no matter where you are.

Every woman is different and we all have hair that is unique to us. So whether you have fine hair, thick hair, curly hair ( yes even curly hair ), or the straightest of hair, we made sure that all of these hair types could use the hair curler. Our development team knew that all types of hair requires a different temperature in order to have that perfect long-lasting curl, so we made 5 different heat setting options available and the best part is you get to decide, find the perfect setting for your hair.

We were also aware that a lot of the hair curlers around have open heated wands. So many women have burnt fingers/chairs or those burn marks on their beautiful vanity stations, so our team sat down and thought of a safe and unique way to hide the heated wand to ensure that you never burnt yourself or another piece of furniture again.

The heated wand in enclosed in a heatproof casing, the hair is drawn into and around the heated wand ensuring that your fingers are well away from the heat. The CurlyQueen casing will never get hot, melt, or damage due to the new heatproof technology casing.

Our science team also sat down and developed the new tangle-free technology. We know that hair tangles can be a time-consuming element, trying to rid of the tangles. The team developed a sensor inside of the hair curler to alert you if tangles are a potential problem. We ensured that the CurlyQueen will beep if there is too much hair into the chamber and if you need to remove some hair in order to avoid tangles. We ensure that the automatic curling action will not take place until there is enough hair in the chamber to avoid any potential tangles.

Another confusing element of curling your hair is knowing what direction the curl needs to go in and which way you need to put your hair in order to create those curls. We wanted to remove that confusion altogether. So our panel of mechanical engineers developed an easy way, the hair curler can go turn in a 360-degree action in both directions, so this means you push a button for left and the curling iron to spin your curl to the left creating a backward-facing curl. Then you can use the right button to spin the hair curler to the right and create a forward-facing curl. it is as easy as that. Using both actions will create volume and dimension throughout your hair.

Your trust is our priority

Now the timing is everything, creating that perfect curl is like baking a cake, too long and you can burn and damage your hair but to short and you're the curl will fall out with just one sneeze. So with this in mind, we developed 5 different timing options for your hair. The hurl curler spins between 8 and 18 seconds. This is long enough for the finest of hair to create that perfect curl but not long enough to damage any part of your hair.

Your hair and your safety is our number 1 priority. Ensuring that you, your fingers, your scalp, your furniture, and laptop bag won't get hurt or damaged by the heating wand. The safety features that have been built into this curling iron are:

  • The power button needs to be held in for 2 seconds or longer, this means that even if the hair curler is bumped inside your bag it won't switch on.
  • The heating wand is enclosed in the CurlyQueen protective casing.
  • Your curling iron won't even burns out either, if the heating wand and spinning mechanism as not been used for 10 minutes, the CurlyQueen hair curler will turn off automatically.
  • Protecting the machine itself and saving the battery, so if you get distracted by the kids or that eyeliner that just won't line up, your hair curler will still have curling time when you come back to finish your hair.

Every one of our CurlyQueen machines has been thoroughly tested before we ship it to our clients. We are so confident in our product that we are prepared to provide our clients with a no questions asked 30-day money-back guarantee.

Mission Statement

Our aim as a company is to provide quality products and services to our clients. We aim is to become the leaders in hair curling technology.

We endeavor to provide our staff with opportunities and challenges and cultivate a business environment that uses their skills and talents to improve themselves and the company at the same time.

We are aware that you as the client have multiple choices when it comes to choosing the perfect hair curler you can use on the go. Thus we want to earn your business by providing you with an amazing device at a reasonable price.