What is the best curling iron you can buy?

Short Answer – The CurlyQueen is by far the best hair curler available and we will explain why. Cosmetology has been a rapidly changing profession. With the constant changing of hair styles over the decades, it is truly a complex profession and is well respected because of this.

Though styles transition in and out, the hair curl has always been a go to for those looking to add volume to their hair. But with this, the proper hair curling iron is needed, which presents a dilemma. With hair curling being such a staple for cosmetology, there are seemingly endless amounts of curling irons to choose from.

However, there is one that truly can be considered the best above its competitors, that is the CurlyQueen, South Africa’s first cordless rechargeable curling wand. Below, we will examine what makes the CurlyQueen the best available curling iron on the market.

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Innovative Design

To truly appreciate the innovative design of the CurlyQueen, we must first examine the features that is comes with. Upon our initial glance, we can immediately notice that the device is cordless, which offers many benefits for the user. Perhaps the greatest benefit of this cordless feature is that the user’s hair will not become entangled in a cord.

This is a common issue during the curling process, requiring the individual to pause and unravel their hair from the cord, which only lengthens the overall process. While most competing brands opt for the standard corded model, the CurlyQueen eliminates the often-problematic design by incorporating a universal USB charge, which only adds to the convenience that this curling iron already offers.

Rather than settle for a corded power source, the creators behind the CurlyQueen chose to implement a universal USB charging feature. This revolutionary feature can not be understated as the iron instantly becomes both mobile and conveniently chargeable anywhere at any time. Where once the user was required to curl their hair, essentially tethered to a wall outlet, the CurlyQueen allows them to curl their wherever is most convenient, or even on the go. The uniqueness and convenience of the CurlyQueen’s design does not stop there, however.

As we can observe, the flat bottomed design of the CurlyQueen provides added safety for the user as they can let the iron heat up or rest in a safe position. Traditionally, curling irons are often set on a ledge when heating up or resting, which when disturbed, can fall off and potentially start a house fire. But with the CurlyQueen’s design, this threat is eliminated. Even if the iron is tipped over, it comes with an auto-shut off feature for added safety. With the above in mind, just the design features alone make the CurlyQueen stand out above competitors, but this becomes even more apparent when we examine the additional safety features that comes standard.

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Safety In Design

For many, the task of curling their hair can often be a painful one. With some irons reaching temperatures near 148˚C, the slightest mishandle may cause the user to accidently burn themselves. But it is in the way in which the creators of the CurlyQueen remove this hazard that makes it truly exceptional.

Rather than leaving the curling iron itself exposed, the design instead encapsulates it with in a heatproof shell which protects the user from hand/neck burns when curling. These types of burns are the most common problem for those when curling their hair, but with the safety the CurlyQueen offers in its design, this is no longer a problem.

The safety measures do not stop at just the placement of the barrel though, as the iron automatically curls with the push of a button. This feature is extremely useful for those who suffer from arthritis or carpal tunnel in the wrist, as the constant maneuvering can cause a flareup over the duration of the curling process. The auto-curl feature greatly simplifies hair curling routine, while taking in consideration the physical limitations some users may have had with previous curling irons. But with the design features and safety mechanisms well established, we can now investigate what makes the CurlyQueen the hands down best curling iron on the market.

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Unmatched Curls

In determining which hair curling iron is the best, there are several categories that should be examined. From types of hair that it can curl, to consistency and versatility, there are many factors to take into consideration, but with the CurlyQueen, these are all accounted for.

Starting with the versatility of the iron, the adjustable heat allows the for styling of a wide arrange of hair types. By using the LCD display, the user can adjust the heat to encompass textured, thin, or even synthetic hair. This permits individual of all hair types to be able to use this amazing device without the worry of it burning or even damaging their hair. Perhaps even more impressing it the directional setting, which allows the user to curl either towards the front or back. This is particularly important in the front curls, as curling towards the face would result in the hair curving inward and in the way of the individual. Additionally, the consistency and strength of the resulting curls is an impressive feat of the CurlyQueen.

While traditional curling irons may result in curls of various sizes, the CurlyQueen can only take a certain amount of hair per use. This results in an overall consistent pattern in curls, which is extremely difficult to achieve with a competing curling iron. Another issue that is often encountered when using a traditional curling iron is the strength of the curls. While some may result in limping or curls that will unravel in a short period of time, the CurlyQueen delivers curls that can last up to five hours, which far surpass many of its competitors.

With hair curling playing such a large role in cosmetology, it is to no surprise that there are countless models of curling irons to be considered before purchasing one. However, the CurlyQueen stands heads and shoulders above its competition. The innovative design, safety features, and unmatched quality of its result makes the CurlyQueen the best hair curling iron available today.

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