How to Curl Your Hair Extensions Using the Curly Queen?

When I was recently searching for a new curling iron, I wondered if any new types on the market wouldn’t be so damaging to hair extensions and curl the hair.

I did some research, and I discovered this new innovative cordless, rechargeable curling iron. The CurlyQueen is a new type of iron sold by a South African company by the same name.

Curlyqueen device

How to Curl Hair Extensions with the CurlyQueen?

How do you curl your hair extensions with the CurlyQueen, and is it more effective and less damaging to your hair extensions?  The CurlyQueen cordless rechargeable wand is the first of its kind in the South African beauty market. Its compact design, as well as its battery-operated nature, makes it the perfect traveling accessory.

This curling wand is highly effective for all hair extension lengths and is entirely safe to use on extensions. We will look at achieving perfect curls for your hair extensions using the CurlyQueen iron in five easy steps.

Step One: You will want to make sure that you charge your curling iron.
This device charges fast and efficiently with a built-in USB adapter and power source.

Step Two: Before Curling your hair extensions, make sure you have curled your hair first. This will allow the curled extensions to blend seamlessly with your real hair and look great.

Step Three: Next, you will need to choose the heat setting and switch on your iron.
The CurlyQueen iron has three heat settings; 150, 180, and 200 degrees Celsius.
These temperatures are perfect for curling hair extensions as they won’t burn or melt. Wait six to twelve seconds until you hear two beeps; this signals that the iron is ready to be used.

Step Four: Take a half-inch section of the hair extension. Depending on what way you want the curl to fall, place the hair forward-facing or backward-facing into the hair chamber. Set the timer on the iron according to how long you think your hair will take to curl. Thicker hair extensions will take longer.

Step Five: Press and hold the button on the curler until you hear two beeps. These beeps signify that the curl is complete. Release and slowly pull hair out of the curler. Let the curl cool to set and continue until all the extensions are curled.

Now let’s dive into how the CurlyQueen wand compares to other types of hair curlers on the market and whether it’s the best one to use for hair extensions. We will also look at the effects heat has from such wands has on your hair extensions. Let’s find out if the CurlyQueen iron is worth the hype.

CurlyQueen’s Results on Hair Extensions

Well, the results are in, and the verdict is ready to be given. The CurlyQueen hair curler is definitely on my list of best curlers to use, and I’m not the only one who thinks so. Many people are attesting to how great this hair curler is. To read some of the reviews, you can go to the CurlyQueen website.

This hair curler is easy to use on hair extensions and is far less damaging than other brands on the market.  The low temperatures, surprisingly, curl the extensions without taking away the emphasis of the curl. Extensions curled by the CurlyQueen last up to five hours without the aid of any hair care products.

The CurlyQueen hair curler doesn’t tangle your extensions and comes with a built-in sensor that alerts you when the curls are done. The curler will reverse the barrel so your hair extensions from safe from breakage. Another great feature is its auto shut off capability. If the curling iron is inactive for ten minutes or more, it will immediately shut off to prevent it from overheating.

Lastly and most importantly, the CurlyQueen has a smart heatproof design. Don’t worry when trying to curl your extensions; they can be challenging to work with, so it is handy that this curler won’t burn your fingers or hands. The CurlyQueen’s innovative design has a heatproof exterior that encases the iron, protecting you from potential burns.

The Effects of Heat on Your Hair Extensions

Due to the innovative design of the CurlyQueen, your hair extensions will last you much longer.  Many curlers on the market damage hair extensions with their high heat settings.  With the CurlyQueen’s low heat settings and smart technology, you can rest assured that your hair extensions won’t be destroyed.

What Products Should You Use On Your Hair Extensions

Luckily for you, the CurlyQueen curler manages to surpass expectations. This curler produces long-lasting curls, and with its compact design and battery-operated nature, it can be taken with for touch-ups no matter the event.

You will save a lot of money on hair products if you have the CurlyQueen iron. There is a variety of products that are safe to use on hair extensions.