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CurlyQueen - The Cordless Curling Wand

CurlyQueen Hair Curler, is the perfect curling iron for the on-the-go women. No more rushing around to do your hair if you overslept, take your CurlyQueen Hair Curler with you wherever you go.  It is completely cordless and its small enough to fit into your laptop bag.  Celebrities, hair stylists, and even hair dressers all over South Africa are now using the CurlyQueen hair wand. Say goodbye to individual hair curlers and say hello to perfect curls every time. 

What are our customers saying?

Loadshedding didn't stop my shoot. I booked a shoot for myself and 3 kids, while in hair and make up Eskom decided to begin loadshedding. Thanks to Curlyqueen my hair was perfect for the shoot.

I get so worried when I use other curling irons, they get so hot and I have burnt myself so many times. With CurlyQueen I cant even reach into the barrell to burn myself. It is so safe for me and my kids.

It was amazing that CurlyQueen worked for me and my wig. I didn't think it would work but it did and I LOVE IT. 

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No complaints so far!

Received the item last week, the instruction is real easy to understand. I also watch a short Youtube video on how to use it before buying the CurlyQueen. I use the device in the morning (takes me about 15 min) and then spray my hair lightly with hairspray to keep the curls intact. So far, it works really well for me. I will keep you guys up to date.

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Amazing curls!

Read about this on a UK blog and decided to get it for myself. I have medium length hair. I charged the device for about 4 hours and then it worked for me for about 55 minutes. The main reason I got it was because I travel all over the country for work and then need a hair curler for when I visit clients or going out at night. Absolutely love it. Never going back for cheap hair curlers.

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I give it 9 out of 10

I LOVE IT. I was ask to provide a review for CurlyQueen.  My personal opinion - It is easy to use, its compact, I can take it everywhere and I don't burn my hands anymore. I have long hair so I do smaller sections of hair, so it takes a bit longer. But all and all I give it 9 out 10.

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Hair dresses, Hair stylists to the celebrities are all crazy for this CurlyQueen Curling Wand. Now is your turn, have the confident “just walked out the salon” feeling with fresh, beautiful, and the perfect curls that last all day. The sleek cordless design is perfect to slide into your handbag, laptop bag or overnight bag making you ready for every and any occasion